Music & the Arts

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Psalm 66:1-2 reminds us to bring “Him glorious praise”!  Using both instruments and voices, our worship team leads us each we week in worship, fellowship, encouragement – through song, scripture readings and more!  We incorporates the complex and simple, aged and modern, recognizable and new to invite all to join us in worshipping our Great God!









Choir meets weekly at 7pm on Wednesdays in the Choir Room (behind the Auditorium – in the church office wing).  Under the direction of Don Thornton, we are currently preparing achoir 1 few worship specials and over the summer will begin thinking about our Christmas program.  Summer is a great time to join in the choir and just see if it might be a place you enjoy serving – all singers are welcome to participate.







Small group lessons are Meeting 5 – 5:30pm on Wed – 2nd floor of CLC.

Does you child have a love for music?  We would love to help coachkids singing them along.  As we prepare for the Christmas season, we are looking for a few children who would like an opportunity to lead with our praise team by learning to play school-ageinstruments.  We will also be teaching a few songs for those who love to sing so that children can join our choir during the season.  If you want to learn more, please complete and return the information form so that we can include your child during our teaching sessions.     music reg